UBER Uni-One
UNI-ONE is a revolutionary, one-bottle SOLUTION to feeding your plants. UNI-ONE is the most powerful, and complete grow & flower nutrient that AUTOMATICALLY ADJUSTS its NPK ratio to match the need of your plants – in real time!

Unrivalled power! UNI-ONE is 30-50% stronger than a regular 1-part, 2-part or even 3-part nutrient system – so you get more nutrient for your money, as well as, gaining a real 15% - 30% increase in yield compared to other nutrient programs.

Simplicity – ONE BOTTLE DOES IT ALL – Root, Grow & Flower. With UNI-ONE you are... ONE & DONE!

UNI-ONE’s unique formulation works with the plant’s own enzymes to release Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium to the plant, at the perfect levels based on the actual needs of the plant at different times throughout the growth/flower process.

UNI-ONE works using our proprietary, Nutri-Sense, NPK auto-sensing nutrient technology, combined with a modified form of our TRx1 Peptide Suite.  ÜBER’s TRx1 Peptide Suite consists of several unique proteins that act as dynamic root and vegetative boosters rivaling and often exceeding those of the leading brands. Together, these technologies give you a product that contains 3-4 products in one, and out yields the leading nutrients by up to 35%.

Use EVERY time you feed.

To each litre / quart of water add...


[ Week 1 ]     1 ml / 1/4 teaspoon UNI-ONE

[ Week 2-4 ]  2 ml / 1/2 teaspoon UNI-ONE


[ Week 1-2 ]  3 ml / 3/4 teaspoon UNI-ONE

[ Week 3-5 ]  4 ml /    1 teaspoon UNI-ONE

[ Week 6 ]     3 ml / 3/4 teaspoon UNI-ONE

[ Week 7 ]     2 ml / 1/2 teaspoon UNI-ONE

[ Week 8 ]     1 ml / 1/4 teaspoon UNI-ONE

THEN add additives as per product instructions.

*Use a PPM / EC Meter and Adjust pH if necessary.